Favored of God

We are in the Christmas season, everywhere we see people shopping, giving gifts, decorating homes, sending greetings to friends and family.

Mary received greetings from the angel Gabriel. It is believed that Mary would have been between 12-14 years of age when the Angel visited her.

Luk 1 26: The angel went to her and said, “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.”

Luk 1:30 ….. “Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God.

  • Do not be afraid
  • You have found favour

I believe the assurance that came from the Angel “Do not fear” is not just for that moment, but also for the events that is going to unfold in her life. It carried her thru the difficult journey she had ahead of her.

When we think about the favour of God, it is always compared to the blessings. When we buy a house or a car, or when we get promoted or find a new job we announce it to the world that it was God’s favour that we got these blessings. There is nothing wrong in it. But what if the favour of God come in a different wrapping?

Mary did not just receive the blessing of favour from a man or a preacher. But an Angel appeared to her to bring this blessed news of God’s favour on her life.

But Mary had to deal with:

  • Joseph, her Fiancé
  • Her family and neighbours
  • Decree from King Herod to register for the census
  • Walk the long dusty road
  • No room in the Inn to deliver the Son of the Most High
  • Threat from the King

The list goes on….What happens if we have to go through ridicule instead of appreciation, or our friends and family do not understand the call of God upon our lives, walk the long dusty road of praying for the family member for many years to be saved or when all doors are closed to move ahead in life? Does that mean the favour of God is available for this season?

What a wrong timing it was for Mary that she had to travel miles to get the whole family registered in Bethlehem. Approximately they would have travelled around 90 miles before they reached their destination and not even a covered place to deliver this special baby. All they could find was the stable or the modern day car park which would have been so smelly.

Now we know the full Christmas story and see the full picture. But Mary wouldn’t have known or understood what was happening around her after the greatest encounter she had with the Angel. Though we see the favour of God in the bigger picture, but it is the small things that prepare us to fit into the bigger picture.

The favour of God, do not change from time to time, one day high and another day low.

His favour is consistent and even through the tough times. If the favour of God was not on us, He wouldn’t have come looking for us. John 15:16 “You did not choose me, but I chose you” While we were yet sinners, he came for us and died for us. Let not the enemy or the world talk us out of the plans that God has in store for us.

There will be days that you may wonder, I know this promise or this call is from the Lord but why things are going wrong, why Joseph’s are walking away from me, why do I get the resistance? Hold on to his destiny call and protect the seed that God has impregnated you with.

To bring the favour of God to completion like Mary, surrender it to His Will. Not making our own plans and asking Him to bless it instead submit it to His will like Jesus did when He left all His glory and majesty and came down to this earth and to die for us. God lifted the Name of Jesus above every other name.

Remember you are part of His plan and highly favoured of God.


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