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Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the LIFE” John 14:6.

Life Praise Ministries is a ministry started with a vision to introduce people into the presence of the Lord through Praise and Worship. Encourage the body of Christ through His Life-giving word and through prophecy.


Where the presence of the Lord is, all the dead situation and circumstance will come to Life.

At the presence of the Lord, Aaron’s dead rod budded, Sons of Korah found grace, at the presence of Jesus healings and miracles took place. There is new hope, future, and Life through Jesus.

“The Christian gospel does not in the first place offer men an intellectual creed or a moral code; it offers them life, the very life of God.” (William Barclay)

About Chris & Judy

Chris Dawson and his wife Judy Dawson started serving the Lord as missionaries in the Northern part of India. After they received the confirmation from the Lord to move to New Zealand, they moved in the year 2011 and got involved in Worship, teaching and prophetic ministry.  They have a beautiful daughter Adonia, a gift from God after 12 years of prayer in faith.

Chris Dawson – I am very passionate about Worship, my desire is to lead people into the presence of God.

It is my great passion to equip and build the young generation to step into their calling in leading worship and training them in music.

Our vision is to raise ministers of God and to fan their flame whether it be at Church or home, and equip them to love God and serve Him with passion.

Judy Dawson is passionate about teaching and doing seminars on internal healing and cleansing, “Healing of the Heart”. Judy carries the mantle of prophetic and teaching anointing,  many lives have been touched and have seen supernatural deliverance from all forms of bondages. Has traveled to Nations carrying His word, doing the Internal Healing seminars, and also in New Zealand.

God has given her many heavenly songs (Tamil and English songs) through dreams and visions, the second song CD is about to be released very soon in her native language, Tamil.

She has an online prayer ministry “Syndicate Prayer”, mainly focussed to pray for Israel and for other Nations.

To get in touch or to organise a Seminar at your Church or for your home group, please send us an email. lifepraiseministries@gmail.com






Fruitful Vine

Jesus did not just command us to go and bear fruit instead He said that when we remain connected to Him we will bear much fruit. He has included himself in the whole process.

Wise Words Of The Father

Every father figure is so important in a child’s life. You are depositing something valuable beyond your lifetime for them to follow. The father figure extends beyond your natural born sons and daughters.

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