The Mother’s Faith – Jochebed

All over the World, people celebrated Mother’s day last week. Most mothers are very resilient, strong and are willing to do anything for their children. Through their persistence, they can re-write what the doctors or teachers say about their children.

I got inspired by one particular mother from the Bible whose faith made her son live to be the greatest leader. Her name was Jochebed, the mother of Moses from the Levite family (Exo 2). We know at that point, every son that is born to the Israelites should be cast into the Nile.

By faith Moses’ parents hid him for three months after he was born, because they saw he was no ordinary child, and they were not afraid of the king’s edict.” Heb 11:23

Some translation says that the child was beautiful, proper, no ordinary child or an unusual child. For any mother, their child is beautiful and proper.

But Jochebed added faith to the natural, so she was able to see that her son was not ordinary.

She was able to see beyond the natural. Her faith pushed her to do something extraordinary. If you are a mother, how do you see your child? In your natural eyes, they may be beautiful and fine or with some issues or rebellious, but do you see them as sons and daughters of almighty, future leaders and prophets of the Lord, living to fulfil the purposes of God in their lives.

Because Jochebed saw that her son was not ordinary, she nourished and protected this child as much as she could, then after three months, she made a basket. She must have been in tears while making it, wiping her tears, she carefully mended the basket and double coated it with tar and pitch so that water will not get in. She waited for the appointed time, then placed him in the basket and then put it along the bank of the Nile.

If she was going to keep the child, he would be killed or if she had immediately thrown the child into the river as per the law, she would have killed the vision, purpose and the plans God had for Moses. Do not let go of the vision you have for your child, it may look impossible right now, but wait for the appointed time and then let it go off your hands, the Lord knows how to protect your child and to bring them to their destiny.

When she waited for the appointed time to let this child go, the blessing came back to her. Our God is good at orchestrating things, it was Pharaoh’s daughter’s bath time, so the child got noticed and Miriam, the sister of Moses got her mum to nurse the baby.

Now, the whole situation changes in the life of Jochebed, the same child that she nourished in fear and in the hiding for the past 3 months, is carrying the child so royally without fear in the open. Jochebed is not just taking care of her own child but getting paid for her service.

Out of the death sentence came blessing because of the mother’s faith and persistence to refuse to accept the king’s verdict.

The provision and resources came from the King’s palace not only for Moses, but I believe the blessings overflowed to Aaron and Miriam (siblings) too. Do not accept what you see in the natural. May be you are in a very tight financial circumstance or you are struggling with your child’s education or health. Add the basket of faith to the present situation.

Her faith made the child float on water not drown.

The same Alligators, the flesh eating Parana’s and the water current which devoured other children directed the basket in the Nile River to its right place. It was not Moses who steered the basket to his destination or to the Kings daughter’s bathing area but the very thing that could have been the potential danger steered the basket to its destination.

The very thing that comes to attack your child is going to move and direct,  or change the course of direction to reach their destiny. They are not there to destroy but to take them through where they should be. This persistent mother’s faith not only saved the life of Moses but through Moses, the whole of Israelites escaped Egypt’s slavery

This is not just for the mothers but it applies to all of us. Hold on to your call and to your vision. Don’t let the enemy convince you to drown your call, instead protect and nourish your call. When the right time comes the Holy Spirit can steer you to the right destination. It could be the right job, right ministry, right spouse or the right business that you are looking for. He will enable us to get the right attention from the right people.

Leave your faith basket with the Holy Spirit to float.

You never know, you may become part of fulfilling one of the greatest plans that God has in store.



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