Celebrating the Present

This year for our Company day, one of the motivational speakers was the fastest growing  young entrepreneur in NZ, Cecilia Robinson of ‘My Food Bag’ . She is the Co-CEO with her husband and  she had left her 6 weeks old baby at home to come and speak to us. At the end, when someone asked her what Legacy would you like to leave behind for your Children? She replied that she just wanted her children to remember her as a “Good Mom”. The whole crowd clapped non-stop for few minutes.


We can hold the highest job, climb the best career path, be successful to be the neighbour’s envy but if we don’t know how to prioritise the importance of family in life, we have achieved nothing at the end of our journey.


We are the best worker and a performer as long as we have the perfect health in the body and we have something to give constantly. But our husbands gave the gift of the title ‘wife’, children gave us the title called ‘mother’, family gave us the noisy home filled with laughter, love, problem-solving skills, taught us to forgive, forget, be strong and to move on in life. The same thing applies to husbands and fathers too.


How come we are taking  these life-shaping relationships so lightly? show less tolerance? and constantly comparing with others?


Yesterday is no more, tomorrow we have no control over it, all we have is TODAY. So enjoy the day that the Lord has blessed it with noisy children full of life who leave the house a little messy, demanding husband packed with love and extended family who is constantly teaching us patience.


“give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

1 Thessalonians 5:18 ESV


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