Altar of Provision

What happens when crisis come unannounced in the form of sudden loss of a job or an accident or some illness? These things are beyond our control. Can we trust God in these circumstances that He can still provide?

Isaac Built an Altar

23 From there he went up to Beersheba. 24 That night the Lord appeared to him and said, “I am the God of your father Abraham. Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bless you and will increase the number of your descendants for the sake of my servant Abraham.”

25 Isaac built an altar there and called on the name of the Lord. There he pitched his tent, and there his servants dug a well. (Gen 26: 23 -25)

Isaac could have settled in Rehoboth, but he moved on to Beersheba. If he would have settled in Rehoboth, a place of increase, he would have missed the greatest blessing of encountering with the Lord at Beersheba.

Worldly blessings are good but beyond that, there is a spiritual blessing that God expects us to go after, that is desiring to seek Him. Many of us settle down at the place of increase and stop growing from there spiritually.

All this while, during the time of famine, he re-opened the wells of his father Abraham but;

This time, Isaac did things differently, he built an altar there first and called on the name of the Lord, then he built his house and dug a well.

He knew that he cannot depend on the blessings or prayers of the family, he honoured the name of the Lord first before God could honour him.

If we go after the worldly blessings, he still blesses us, but when we go after the God of provision, we not only build a relationship with him which is for eternity, but also the other blessings that come with Him.

Go on, build altars to God, from whom all our blessings and provision comes.

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