Altar of Confirmation

In Gen 12, we read that God calls Abraham to leave his hometown, his family, his father’s inheritance and go to a place where the Lord will show him.

When the invitation came, the destination address was not given, but there was a promise given that He will show him.

How would we like it for a start, when someone invites us for a party not mentioning where we should go, but instead call them to get more details and it will be revealed in parts like a puzzle as we arrive each destination. For some of us, it is an impossible task to even think about it.

Abraham Builds an Altar

Then the Lord appeared to Abram and said, “To your offspring I will give this land.” So he built there an altar to the Lord, who had appeared to him. Gen 12:7

The Lord saw his faithfulness and came down to show himself personally to Abraham and gives him the confirmation that He will give this land to his offspring.

Shechem was not his destination, but God comes down to confirm that he on the right track and re-affirms the promise to Abraham.

Abraham did not write that down in his journal and moved on, but to honour God, He stopped to build an altar to worship Him.

Where are we in our journey today?

Have we put a stop to everything and have pitched a tent, waiting for God to appear and give the Rhema word. Or are we being faithful to His word in small things and living a life pleasing to Him? He knows where to find us in our journey if we are faithful in serving Him and following his ways.

There are many ways God can confirm His word to us, thru His word, sermons, songs, dreams and visions and thru prophesies.

Let us stop and build that attitude of gratitude towards our awesome God who takes the time to confirm His love, to encourage us to go on with our journey.

With the affirmation that he got from God, Abraham continued his journey to fulfil his call.

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